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Multipurpose Foldable Car Rack Step

This Multipurpose Foldable Car Rack Step makes accessing a vehicle's roof easier, faster, and safer. Attaches to the door frame and creates a convenient step to load cargo to the roof, wash the roof, and more. Rugged all-aluminum alloy design can hold a heavy load without bending, and without damaging car components or scratching the paint. Compact and easy to store.

  • Universal and Multipurpose: Suitable for all vehicle latch design door pedals, such as SUV, RV, and truck. Can be used for loading things on your car roof, washing car roof, and more.
  • Safe For Your Vehicle: Rubber strips are wrapped around the section of the Car Rack Step that contacts the car body and protecting the paint from scratches.
  • Safe & Stable: Big enough to fit all sizes of feet. The non-slip surface has raised lines, which increase the friction with the pedal, and the anti-slip effect. Made of high-quality aluminum alloy material, lightweight yet strong enough to support 400 lbs (181 kg).
  • Portable: Storage is made simple, with an easy-to-fold design that takes up minimal space within your car.

Material: High-quality Aluminum Alloy